Monday 24th August 2015 Dubbo's Richmond Estate, Eulomogo Locale were impacted by a mini tornado. The tornado touched down at several locations between Mugga Hill and Beni Forest Road damaging property and trees in the process. Whilst predominately the domain of the SES, Eulomogo RFB members attending and lent support to one of its members whose home suffered damage from a stout eucylpt tree that penetrated the roof, travelled down the hallway, entered a bedroom and exited the south facing wall at ground level. The tree trunk extended a full 1.5m throught the wall!! The assistance lent was the timely tarping of the roof penetration before the onset of rain overnight and the next day.

Saturday 12th September 2015 Get Ready Weekend was 'rolled out' across NSW RFS Districts / Teams / Zones in lieu of the Open Day of the previous years. Eulomogo RFB was one of the many brigades that 'opened' and displayed the role of the volunteer rural fire fighter in 2015. The 1516 Bush Fire DANGER Period commences in a few weeks (1 October 2015) and the Get Ready weekend encourages all to plan, prepare, practice for what is hoped will not happen, during the the period when bush fires are more prevalent. ARE YOU READY?
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