The Brigade

Eulomogo Shed - South West Aspect

Eulomogo Rural Fire Brigade

The Eulomogo RFB shed is home to two NSW RFS Tankers, funded in part by the NSW Government and the LGA's or Narromine, Dubbo and Wellington

The primary unit is a NSW RFS Category 1 Village Format Heavy Tanker that carries 3,500lts of water and a crew of five, with 4WD off-road capability

The secondary unit is a NSW RFS Category 7 Light Tanker that carries 1,200lts of water and a crew of three, with 4WD off-road capability

The Cat 1 was manufactured in August 1998 and the Cat 7 in June 2000 and will remain in service for approximately 20 years, subject to funding and operational requirements

NSW RFS tankers are consistently under review to find improvements relating to crew safety and protection and operational readiness and functionality

All RFS tankers come with a basic inventory of hoses, branches and equipment, according to the classification and operational use - grassland, bush, village, urban

Additional equipment is funded by the volunteer brigade members, through community donations, fundraising and or the RFSA Grants Scheme
ERFB Shed Forecourt

Eulomogo RFB Forecourt

The Eulomogo RFB Station is located at the entrance to the Firgrove Estate, east of Dubbo City. The station was built by the members of the Brigade in the early 1990's, replacing the original station shed, around the time that the Firgrove Estate was being developed
Grasslands to west of ERFB Shed

Eulomogo RFB grounds

Being at the entrance to the Firgrove Estate the volunteer members take pride in ensuring that the ERFB shed and grounds look their best year round and also in setting an example of fire danger period preparedness
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